What to Pack on a Scenic River Trip

What to Pack on a Scenic River Trip in the Northwest, Coeur d’Alene!!!

The Scenic River Trip Pack List

Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Hat/Visor, Nylon Windbreaker, Strapped Sandals/Shoes, Binoculars, Quick-dry Shorts, Fleece Outerwear.

We recommend synthetic material clothing for the river.

Bring any cotton clothing for changing into after the day of rafting! You can leave this in your car. 

As for what we pack on a scenic river trip:

Cooler (depending on length of trip), pfd (life jacket), paddles or guide will oar the boat, guide. 

RESPONSIBILITY: Although every precaution is taken to safeguard you and your belongings, river trips, by their nature, involve a certain amount of risk. Cda Adventures and its personnel shall assume no responsibility whatsoever for injuries, damages, losses, or delays to persons or property. We require that you acknowledge these risks by reading and signing a liability release prior to departure. 

Here are our rafting trips in the area. Click below to review them and place a reservation request!

Scenic Rafting Trips


Scenic river trips are beautiful, relaxing, and inexpensive. Enjoy the great outdoors! We offer three options for scenic trips in Western Montana and the Inland NW which are especially focused for families with small children or adults and seniors that don’t want to risk falling out of a raft. Looking for an unforgettable world class scenic river trip Coeur d’Alene? Take an unforgettable trip on the Clark Fork and you will see how special this majestic river can be with it’s sandy beaches and gorgeous scenery.