Wake Boat Rental

CDA Adventures has one Moomba Wake Boat Rental available for the public in addition to the 6 jet/ski boats. This newer form of pulling a wake boarder behind the boat is done with ease and grace because of the efficient design of this amazing boat. It uses water bags and higher speed to produce a surf-able wake. 

Time: Your time starts when you leave the dock. Paperwork and boat orientation usually takes about 30 minutes to learn toggles to create a wake for surfing.

2017 Moomba Craz: 22 Foot, seats: 9 ppl comfortably up to 16 Passenger (max), Wake Surf Technology

Half Day Rentals run 10-2pm or 2-6pm 

Delivery and Pick Up is free and available to any private or public dock on Lake Coeur d’Alene for your wake boat rental! 

4 Hour Rental $525

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8 Hour Rental $700

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If you have never operated a Wake Boat before an orientation will be needed. This is included in your rental for about 20 minutes of orientation time. If you are simply using this nice boat to tube or ski-the 20 minutes of general orientation time should be enough to operate it and enjoy your rental. Wake boats drive a little different than a jet boat. 

Overnight Option: Also available for this wake boat rental is an overnight option as an add-on to the full day price. $50 allows you to keep the boat though the evening until 8am the following day.

Wake Board: $35

Adult Skis/Child Skis: $20

Wake boarding/surfing is a great workout and a wonderful sport to learn! Why not try it out and see what you think. Place a reservation online at any time and we will check our schedule and get ahold of you to confirm your reservation request. 

You may also call us at 208-918-2082. 

Wake Boat Information:

For the serious ski or wake enthusiast, the performance — and wake — of a dedicated inboard towsports boat is hard to beat. The classic “ski” boat features a shallow hull angle at the back of the boat. This angle is referred to as the transom deadrise. Ski boats also usually position the engine in the center of the boat. This combined with the shallow deadrise allow the boat to run at a level attitude. The result is strong acceleration and minimal wake size, allowing slalom skiers to quickly get up and on top of the water and effortlessly carve back and forth behind the boat with minimal interruption.

In contrast, its wake-oriented counterpart features a deeper-v shaped hull (boat bottom), and positions that engine at the back of the boat. The boat’s running attitude is further altered with extra weight, also called “ballast”, or specially crafted tabs or hydrofoils, pumping those wakes up as large as possible and shaping them to create the perfect launch ramp for wakeboarders to achieve their biggest air. Propellers are tucked well under the bottom of the boat for safety and performance; steering is accomplished via a pivoting rudder.

This configuration also makes an inboard an ideal choice for the fast-growing sport of wakesurfing, as surfers are positioned in close proximity to the back of the boat. Traditional sterndrives or outboards should never be used for wakesurfing, as their props are far more exposed.