Valentines Day Gift Deals

Unique experience gifts; Valentines Day Gift Deals: Adventures!

We got you covered lovers. Valentine’s Day often means showering your beau with roses and chocolates and candlelit dinners. Romantic, yes, but a little cliche. One of the best parts of having a significant other is experiencing life’s adventures together…so why not try something new during this ‘hallmark’ time of year? Shake things up with our one-of-a-kind Valentine’s gift ideas!

Who doesn’t like to be excited about something planned on the horizon? We offer the following three Valentines Day gift deals and adventures for our seekers of something different this February.

Adventure Missoula Fishing Trip

It’s no secret that these days, we’re not quite as interested in accumulating “things” as we were in the past. And while that’s often considered a millennial trend, everyone is jumping on board and Valentines Day adventures as a gift, might just be the best Valentines Day gift idea for 2020.

Give us a call for 15% OFF with a personalized gift certificate for whitewater rafting, fishing trips, or a combination trip this spring! Good now through February 14th!


“It’s possible that we are in a post-materialistic world where we have enough stuff, and now people are focusing more on acquiring experiences.”

-Ohio State University professor Joseph K. Goodman

Of course expensive traveling to magical destinations isn’t the only way to share a unique experience with your significant other this Valentine’s Day! Depending on your interests and what’s in your area, Coeur d’Alene Adventures may just offer what you are looking for and with world class accommodations and trips located right here in the Inland Northwest.

We work with four great hotels in Missoula to offer our customers transportation to the rivers and two of them feature package deals. We like them because of their convenient locations, great staff, and award winning accommodations: Missoula Doubletree Hilton, Holiday Inn Missoula Downtown, the Mercantile, and Comfort Inn. They are close to the world class Clark Fork where we catch huge waves for rafting and majestic trout.

Romantic getaways allow you a break from the rat race, to snuggle up in a cozy room that’s situated near nature. It makes sense since it sounds like the setting to virtually any good romance novel.

What can you and your partner benefit from a shared experience this Valentine’s Day? Most of us have accumulated so much stuff in our lives, much of which we barely use, that deciding to have experiences together is really more fun, more meaningful. It is also worth the cost and trouble to organize, because it’s a way to show the person you love that you’ve been thinking about what will make them happy not just on one day, but for many days or a day again soon to come. We are one of the few outfitters that can tailor our trips to our guests and can get you out on a private trip as well. Happy hunting this year for your next Valentines Day adventures.

Valentines Day Adventures