Ski Boat Rentals

We have 6 Deck and Ski Boat rentals available for renting on Coeur d’Alene Lake. Ski boats are designed for families and individuals who love to recreate on a lake. Ski boats have the engine placed in the center for a smoother ride. 

All of them have wake towers and you may request a cooler during checkout. 

Time: Your time starts when you leave the dock. Paperwork and boat orientation usually takes about 30 minutes.

We offer: Half Day (4 Hours) or Full Day (8 Hours) Rentals

Half day rentals are 10-2pm and 2-6pm. Full day rentals begin at 8am, 9am, or 10am. You can place your reservation for a half day or full day rental online at any time. We will confirm our schedule and then your reservation and details with you.

Free Delivery is included to a dock of your choice (private or public)! Super convenient. Have the address ready during online checkout.

3 Person Tube, Kneeboard, Adult or Child Skis will also be available for $20 if desired. Wakeboards are $35 for the day. We have child and adult wakeboards.

Renters are responsible for post-rental gas fuel up.

*You may choose to extend an 8 Hour Rental to 8am the following day for $50 if you have a private dock to house it overnight.*

Place your reservation request online and we will contact you about availability and finalize your rental. 

21′ Chaparall H20

The 21 foot H20 outboard combines everything great about the 21 H20 with the power, performance, and quality of a Yamaha Outboard. The Chaparall Boat is great for 2 small families and is available for delivery to any dock on CDA Lake.  Add towables for a great time on the lake! 21 Foot, 12 Passenger, Tower, Bimini, Swim Deck 5.0 Liter engine

4 Hour $350

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8 Hour $500

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210 Chaparrel Deck Boat

The Chaparral Deck boat is a 5.0L 225 HP, 14 passenger deck boat with a wake tower and bimini cover for sun shade, Swim Deck. As a ski boat the pulling power is exceptional, as a cruiser there is room for about a dozen people. This a a great boat for a larger amount of people that want more power with the possibility for a a good skier to get up!

4 Hr – $350 (10-2p / 2-6p)



8 Hr – $500 (10 – 6p)


195 Bayliner Ski Boat

2010 195 Bayliner/ Ski Tower Package Love to ski, need some room and have about 7-9 people? This is the boat for you! Free delivery to any dock on the lake for your convenience!

4 Hour $325 

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8 Hour $475

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190 Bayliner Deck Boat 

This Bayliner is a great boat! The outboard power gets you up on plane fast – even with quite a few on board. Comfortable, spacious seating provides a enjoyable cruising environment. Abundant dry storage keeps gear protected and specialized features allow riders a nice cruise or a get up on skis.

19 foot
11 person
150 horse power
Wake Tower
Bimini (Sun Cover)
Swim Deck

4 Hour $325 

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8 Hour $475

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215 Bayliner Ski Boat

Take to the water in the size and comfort of this 21 footer. This one of our largest ski boats with a large motor. For a premium ride in rough water the heaviest boat for wake sports and spacious layout for comfortable seating with a great sun lounge swim deck. 9 passenger, 21 foot, 4.3 L Engine Waketower, Bimini, Swim Deck

4 Hour $325 

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8 Hour $475 

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214 Monterey FS







214 Monterey FS

10 person, 21 ft., 5.0 Liter, 225 Hp, Wake Tower, Bimini, Swim Deck

4 Hour $350 

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8 Hour $500 

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Deck Boats: Take a bowrider, stretch out the seating area in front of the windshield, or the “bow cockpit,” and you’ve got the template for the average deck boat, a craft that typically retains the fiberglass hull and nimble agility of a bowrider while increasing passenger space. Deck boats maintain their width, “or beam”, farther forward, rounding out or squaring off the bow’s normally V-shaped to add more versatile seating forward.

Jet/Ski Boats:  Ski boats are designed for families and individuals who love to recreate on a lake. The primary difference between each boat lies in the engine. Ski boats have the engine placed in the center for a smoother ride, while wakeboard boat engines are placed in the back of the boat, creating larger wakes and more opportunities for tricks. Ski boats have built-in accessories and storage for all of your skiing, kneeboarding, tubing, or cruising needs.

Conditions on Boat Rentals Time Slots

4 Hour rentals = Reserved time slots are 10 – 2pm or 2-6pm.  There is some flexibility depending on delivery schedules.  Day of rentals are permitted outside of these time slots.

8 Hour rentals = Any available 8 hour period you choose during the day.

Multiple day rentals = This permits you to keep the boat overnight at a rate 10% cheaper then the 8 hour rental.  We will provide the boat no later than 10 am on the day the rental begins and require the return of the vessel at 6 pm on the final day of the rental.  Occasionally the boat may be provided earlier and returned later, depending on our rental schedule which is subject to change.


We rent towables inclusive of the rope and permit them behind our boats.

We do not permit more then one towable to be towed at the same time.

We do not permit towables behind our waverunners.

Dog Friendly

$25 Cleaning fee automatically applies

Dogs are not permitted on the upholstery.


CDA Adventures (via our partner) have coverage for the boats.

The customer has a $500 deductible for accidental damage.

The customer is fully liable for all damages if they operate the vessel outside of the rental agreement.  If our insurance decides that there was negligence they reserve the right to pursue the responsible party for damages.

Damages and Lost Time

Call at the first sign of damage or malfunction, most often we can repair damages quickly without incident. Unattended malfunctions can cause serious damage and costs.

Damages billed may include but are not limited to:

Cost of repairs

Lost rental fees due to down time

Cost of vessel recovery

If the renter causes damages that result in lost time, we are not responsible for compensation.

Free Delivery

Delivery Gas

Two boats are required for each delivery, the delivered boat and the “runner boat”. The renter is responsible for the spent gas in the delivered boat but is not responsible for the gas in the runner boat.

The delivered boat will leave port from our location with a full tank of gasoline. We are not responsible for the gas the delivered boat consumes in the delivery process. On delivered boat pick ups we fill the tank at our location and charge the remaining gas to the customer.

Enjoy your Ski Boat Rentals Lake Coeur d’Alene!