River Trip Coeur d’Alene Whitewater Half Day

Looking to spend a few hours in the great outdoors away from it all? This is your whitewater river trip Coeur d’Alene! World class, family friendly, this trip is the best one in the Northwest due to the volume, wildlife, location, and diversity of watershed and river features.

Ages 16+ During the spring runoff in May this river offers Class III and one Class IV whitewater rafting and rafters must be at least 16 years old at this time. This is the best in whitewater rafting in the Northwest and the surrounding area.

Ages 8+ Mid June We have few guides that we feel comfortable bringing our families down in May and June and children must be 8 years and older at this time.

Ages 6+ In late June the water drops fast and in July through October, the rapids are Class II–Class III and stay strong at this perfect level for the majority of our season! We recommend 6 or 5 years old and up and all of our staff are well suited to take your family down the river.

Listed below are a few items to bring on the river trip. We use top-of-the-line, self-bailing rafts that can be propelled by a team of paddlers or a single guide with oars. Family members of most ages and skill levels are welcome. Most of our rafts hold 6 people, some hold 7 or 8. We do not pack our rafts and this is our absolute threshold for a good quality time without tons of people around you on a raft. Any individuals requiring special needs will receive our full caring attention.

We can provide fully catered lunches (featuring fresh natural foods and creative cooking) for your raft trip if you’d like to do the full day adventure. Otherwise, pack a snack and your lunch in your car to eat after your trip from our private parking area at the river put in! Ask about combining a day of whitewater with a day of fishing for your group/family.

We can help arrange local accommodations as well as plan your journey to points of interest, such as hiking trips to mountain lakes and hot springs, or horseback riding.

Price: Adults $85, Ages 6 to 17 $75

What to bring:
Quick dry Shorts
Fleece Layers
Nylon Windbreaker if chilly
Strapped Sandals/Shoes
Warm Clothes for bus ride home
We recommend synthetic material clothing for the river.

Bring cotton for AFTER the raft trip!

Looking for a great river trip Coeur d’Alene? This is the one.

(30 min. Missoula, 2 hour drive CDA, April-Oct.)

This 12 mile river trip provides 15 rapids and breath taking scenery down the Alberton Gorge on the Clark Fork River. The whitewater rafting trips start at 9AM, 1pm and 4PM Mountain Time. A great three hour river adventure! You will meet at the rafting shop located in Cyr, Montana (exit 66 off of I-90).

Directions from Coeur d’Alene

Follow I-90 E to Mineral County in MT. Take exit 66 from I-90 E 124 mi / 1 h 56 min
Exit 66 (Fish Creek) and take a left off the ramp.
You will pass over the I-90 freeway.
Cross the train tracks and take a right at the stop sign onto Old Hwy 10
Take Old Hwy 10 to Daigle Ln 3.6 mi / 9 min
Take a hard right onto Daigle Lane (immediately crossing the RxR tracks again) at the river recreation area.
Our shop is white and will be on your left with blue lettering and says Adventure Missoula-this is our sister company.

Address: 39 Juniper Lane, Alberton MT 59820

Description of Half Day Whitewater Rafting Trip

Your friendly guides who will be taking you whitewater rafting will greet you with the adequate gear needed for the raft trip. Once you are outfitted, you will be taken down to the put in and the float trip will begin! The river will greet you with class I and II rapids. Here you will practice paddle strokes, laugh with peers, and look upon the beautiful wildlife that frequent the Upper Gorge.

When the purple cliffs come into vision, you will be entering the Gorge, and the whitewater will turn into class III rapids! As the raft trip passes under triple bridges, you will start to approach our favorite rapid: Tumbleweed! Make sure to paddle hard and smile large as you go through this rapid. At the end of the raft trip you will be able to purchase pictures of your whitewater rafting experience.

After paddling through our second favorite rapid, Fang, you will enter into the lower gorge. This holds the opportunity to take in the beautiful scenery around you, float through some whitewater rapids, and play games on the raft! The raft trip comes to an end at Tarkio. When we reach the takeout, the guides will take you back to the shop, and your trip with Coeur d’Alene Adventures will come to a close.

Price: Adults $85 Youth: Ages 6 to 17 $75