Lochsa River Trip

We offer an amazing full day Lochsa River Trip. The Lochsa River means “rough water” in Nez Perce and begins on the western slope of the Bitterroot Mountains. It is located in the scenic and gorgeous Clearwater National Forest in Idaho. It is a two hour drive to the launch site from Missoula and a 3 hour drive for Coeur d’Alene participants. Ages 16+

The Lochsa is a free-flowing, wild and scenic river that bounces down a steep granite canyon. The river is surrounded by a lush forest and beds of dense moss. With close to 40 rapids in our 20-mile “day run”, many of them class IV, every trip down the river is an exciting challenge.

Lochsa River Trip 2
Lochsa River Trip

The river cascades down stream quickly making it a great challenge for white water rafters and skilled guides with strong technical abilities. The Lochsa River will thoroughly soak anybody that braves through the standing waves and churning holes. Some of it’s rapids are titled the Grim Reaper, Lochsa Falls, and Termination! Helmets are required and the likelihood of a participant falling out of the raft is high.

The guides that take you down the Lochsa river are seasoned river runners and will enhance your white-water experience while maintaining the overall safety of your trip. Each guests is supplied with a complete set of white-water gear. This includes a helmet, a neoprene wet suit, a warm fleece pullover, a splash jacket, neoprene booties, a personal flotation device, and a paddle.

Enjoy this fun film so you know what your getting into! It’s a blast and something you’d never forget!

This video reveals what it feels like to go down the beautiful Lochsa River that runs parallel to U.S. Route 12 and winds through the Clearwater National Forest in the Bitterroot Mountains in Idaho. Famous for it’s luscious forest and whitewater, this is a world class river that pulls locals and visitors from around the Northwest area including Missoula, Spokane, Washington, and Idaho.

This film is from the web and features Lochsa Madness which is an event that happens every year for guides, kayakers, and white water enthusiasts. Enjoy.

Please call us to reserve your Lochsa Adventure: 406-813-0595 or reserve online.

Participants meet at: Steve and Ann’s Wilderness Inn, Lowell, Idaho

Offered Saturdays Only May 1-Mid June, Water Level Permitting

Adults 16+ $130