Kayak Lessons

Kayak lessons are a great way to get quick information and possibly decision making details about kayaks in general. If you are interested at all in kayaking more than a few times per year definitely take this class!

All kayak lessons include a paddle, pfd (life jacket), whistle, and your transportation to the lake.
IMG_20160429_190730_1Kayak on Lake Coeur d'Alene

Make your reservation request online for your kayak lesson. Wait for your confirmation and directions to the downtown shop. Show up 10 minutes prior to departure. We suggest our customers pack a snack, water bottle, and a sunscreen, hat/sunglasses. Wear water friendly clothing, swimsuit (no cotton) and comfortable sandals. 

Kayak Basic Paddle Strokes

Have a new kayak? Thinking about buying a kayak? Having trouble controlling your kayak on the water? This is the class for you. We will introduce you to a variety of strokes that will make your paddling experience much more enjoyable. You will learn and practice an efficient forward stroke, reverse strokes, turning strokes, feathered v un-feathered and lateral strokes. We will also address basic bracing skills. This is a 2 1/2 hour class and will be limited to 8 students per class. Price of lesson includes kayak, paddle, whistle, and pfd (life jacket)  or bring your own.

Cost: $50.00 per person Tuesday and Thursday Evenings 5:30pm – 8:00pm May through August 

Kayak Safety

 This class will emphasize all aspects of flat water kayaking safety. The classroom section will review equipment needed to paddle safely including kayaks, gear, apparel etc. We will also go over state, federal and local regulations specific to kayaks. The on the water section of the class will teach how to safely exit and enter your boat both individually and with partners. Several rescue procedures will be taught including, paddle float re-entries, T- rescues and bow stern re-entries. This is not a rolling class.
Cost: $50.00 per person Sundays 1:30pm – 4:00pm Starting in mid June (when water warms up) 

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