8 New Year Resolutions for Your Adventurous Life

Some may say that New Year resolutions are silly, but they are tradition for a reason. The New Year brings closure to the past and is an exciting time to set new goals and intentions for your family and yourself. On your list should be a few small ones and perhaps one or two more ambitious ones. Here are 8 New Year resolutions to be your best badass self in 2020.

  1. Smile at everyone. There is a reason you feel fabulous after a good hike. Everyone is smiling, you’re reaping the benefits of tree bathing, and most everyone says hello, or yo, or some sort of greeting with a smile. Extend this to the rest of your days and wallah! Pure joy. For you and others.
  2. Speak Up about Leave No Trace. The land is in peril. We can all do our part to keep it beautiful for others and still enjoy the resources, environment, and places we enjoy. Be brave when you see someone trashing the earth or simply throwing their banana peel into the woods after a quick snack break on an adventure. Leave No Trace!
  3. Visit one new place. Sit down with friends and family and ask them where they have been last year and why they liked it. You might be surprised with what you hear. Write it down. Make this a bucket list and put it on your fridge! Add it to your calendar and make it happen. Visiting a new place is a refreshing and rejuvenating experience, even if it isn’t very far away. Inquiry perk: You’ll learn things about your friends you never knew at the same time.
  4. Volunteer one day of work. Nonprofits, adopt a highway, churches, and outdoor groups need your help. Time is a valuable resource that is often needed the most. Devote one day this year to helping out. Not only will they benefit, but they’ll get some good PR with your facebook and social media posts and you’ll keep that feel good attitude for weeks!
  5. Try a New Outdoor Activity. Resolve to spend more time outdoors. Your serotonin levels will thank you and getting a good dose of Vitamin D helps! Peruse your local outdoor groups and join an outing or experience for little to no cost. You could meet your new best friend or discover something you didn’t know you had in you. Whitewater Rafting, Hiking, Biking, Fishing, and more await your senses. It also naturally helps your libido and attitude.
  6. Bring a Trash Bag on EVERY hike or adventure. Our six year old and youngest adventure buff always stuffs one in his bag. Trash is everywhere and it makes an exponential difference. You’d be surprised how fast this tradition spreads on the hiking trails in the Northwest. Joy and kindness spreads faster than Santa at lightning speed. Reuse those grocery bags!
  7. Buy a BEAUTIFUL REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE. Plastic bottles are everywhere, even being made into artworks and homes these days. Buy everyone you know and yourself a spectacular one you love using, cover it with stickers, whatever you need to do, but save the plastic for something other than your water intake. This is probably our favorite New Year Resolution.
  8. Have fun with a NEW MICROADVENTURE. Here at our adventure company, we specialize in microadventures. Otherwise known as day trips, weekend warriors, or the short and sweet after work outing, microadventures make everyone a badass. It’s simple. Pop a few bucks in a jar and keep the change and dollars rolling or devote one day a week or one day every two weeks to exploring your surroundings as a hot New Year Resolution ~ It doesn’t have to be far. You’d be surprised what you might be overlooking in the few hours circumference around your own home. Not only is it easy, but is an amazing boost to your year.

There you have it. From all of us here in the adventure office, we wish you joy and exciting times ahead. Adventure on with these 8 New Year Resolutions that we hope you love and come back to year after year. @cda-adventures #outdoornewyearresolutions #newyearsresolutionsforeveryone #cdaadventures