White Water Rafting Clark Fork River

White Water Rafting on the Clark Fork RiverNickZ

White Water Rafting Clark Fork River: The Clark Fork River is a fantastic choice if you are looking to enjoy an amazing day of roller coaster waves and splash landings!  This white-water adventure includes rapids with names like Fang, Tumbleweed and Cliffside! The Alberton Gorge section of the Clark Fork is isolated from roads and runs through a deep canyon of rose-colored cliffs. It is considered world class but safe for families, which makes it a not to miss activity while in the area. 

Participants will experience local watersheds, breathtaking scenery, and wildlife. On an exciting side, one can also experience the wild, free flowing water, and adrenaline rush in the canyon features on each of these rivers.

Our Mission is to provide good times, with a sense of responsibility. Located in Cyr, Montana, just off of I-90, We have been serving Missoula, Montana and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho since 1976. We were the first family of rafters to take people on rafting trips down the amazing whitewater river known as the Clark Fork. Our professional, yet fun loving staff, are here to take you on one of the best stretches of whitewater in Montana, just over the border. This is the go to place where Coeur d’Alene and Spokane goes white water rafting during the summer months!

White Water Rafting Clark Fork River: White Water rafting is perfect for families and friends, but it’s also great for family reunions, church, bachelor/ bachelorette parties, business outings or other groups looking for a new and exciting day together with nature as entertainment. Come experience a day on the river and soak in the scenery.

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Explore North Idaho

Do you want to Explore North Idaho this spring break? How about the ultimate road trip visiting 13 different waterfalls in North Idaho. During spring run-off these falls are at the height of their glory. You’ll notice that this trip doesn’t make a complete loop. Due to the impassiveness of Idaho’s uppermost landscape, a series of detours are necessary to return to your original starting point. The openness allows you to make this trip your own. Rounding out the trip to over 450 miles total.

Expolore North Idaho


1.      Granite Falls

Directly on the Idaho-Washington border, Granite Falls winds through towering ancient western red cedar trees. Some of these towering giants date back 2000 to 3000 years. Just a dozen or so miles beyond Nordman, you’ll find an easy trailhead at Stagger Inn Camp. Continue 100 yards or so further to locate LaSota Falls.  

2.      Torrelle and Mission Falls

A narrow stream cascading into a broad pool, Torrelle is lovely in its simplicity. From Priest River, take Scenic Route 57 just shy of 10 miles, where the falls are easily accessed by vehicle. Continue north to find Mission Falls along the upper West Branch of Priest River. For close-up access, park across the river and walk a quarter of a mile down the jeep trail to a road junction. After taking the right fork at this junction, continue down the path for two miles or so, following the right forks. 

3.      Shadow & Fern Falls

These falls are popular for a reason, and are a short enough hike that the trip is perfect for all ages. 

4.      Char Falls & Wellington Creek Falls

Located in the Sandpoint Ranger District of the Idaho Panhandle National Forest, these falls require a moderate hike as well as caution when nearing the fall’s open ledge. From Lightning Creek Road, you will encounter Char Falls first; continue on to Augor Road and either drive or good old fashioned foot power for the next four miles upstream to Wellington Creek 

5.      Grouse Creek Falls

Gently cascading 15 to 20 feet over bedrock in a series of steps, Grouse Creek Falls is easy to access. After parking at the turnout on Road #280, visitors will need to take a brief half-mile hike. 

6.      Snow Creek Falls

Off of Snow Creek Road in the Bonners Ferry Ranger District, turn left for a restricted view of the 75 to 125 foot falls. A short hike down a wooden trail will give visitors up-close access.

7.      Myrtle Creek Falls

After driving past the Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge to the Wildlife Refuge office, you’ll find the Myrtle Creek Falls trailhead a few hundred yards northwest of the Refuge visitor center. From there, an easy trail will take you to an exceptional viewing outlook halfway up the fall’s main cascade.

8.      Moyie Spring Falls

With stunning scenery, easy vehicle access, and the largest water volume runoff in an Idaho fall under 100 feet. Moyie Falls is undoubtedly one of Idaho’s greatest natural landmarks. The upper portion plummets 60 to 70 feet, while the lower portion tumbles 20 to 40 feet.

9.      Copper Creek Falls

Just shy of the Idaho-Canada border, Copper Falls sits at an elevation of 3,400 feet in the Panhandle National Forest and drops well over 150 feet from the sheer cliff to form an impressive cascade. A short, moderately steep quarter-mile hike to the falls just outside of Eastport is all this stunning view will require.

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