Idaho rafting summer

Idaho rafting summer 2016 started last month, the reservations started in February for this upcoming Idaho rafting summer.  The picture below was taken of Triple bridges a few weeks ago.

Triple Bridge Rapids, Montana Summer rafting We are really excited about the up coming white water rafting season for a couple of reasons.  The snow pack is healthy this year at 92%.  Last year the snow pack was really low, but we still had a great year.  That is the great thing about the Alberton Gorge on the Clark Fork River. No matter how low the water, there are always Idaho rafting in the summer!!  Below is a picture of snow on the Montana and Idaho border, lots of snow with two more months to add to the snowpack!

Montana snowpack looking good!

We are also excited about our guide line up.  Austin Crisp is returning.  He has guided for Western Waters for four years.  Also guides on the Grand Canyon during the spring season.  He is full of experience and fun, we call him Captain America! Idaho rafting summer is going to be great!!